Newco CX Touch



Introducing the CX-3 from Newco

Your personal barista for specialty coffee drinks in the workplace. Enjoy delicious coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and more with the press of a button and all in under one minute. There’s never a reason to leave the workplace for great tasting coffee or specialty drinks again.




The difference is the taste:

Individual single portions of coffee (PODS) provide the most aromatic and enjoyable taste experience over other capsule based systems. With a pod the freshly ground coffee is enclosed in filter paper rather than plastic, all of the wonderful aromatics and extracted coffee solids are allowed to pass to your cup. PODS not only allow for the best extraction possible, but provide wonderful aroma that you simply cannot get from a sealed plastic capsule. Brighten up your work place with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and enjoy the difference the CX-3 offers.

Unmatched individuality:

CX-3 includes 98 preset recipes to choose from. Simple. Select the recipe you would like to use and assign it to one of the 9 buttons on front. Choose from tea lattes, shot of milk or variable strengths and cup sizes for all recipes. All recipes are pre-programmed and ready to use to personalize your CX-3 just the way you like.

Brewing Responsibly

Not only do PODS brew delicious cups of coffee and tea, but they are also biodegradable making them very earth friendly. CX-3’s innovative use of 2 lb. bulk hoppers for milk and chocolate drastically cut down on waste without sacrificing drink quality. One 2 lb. bag of milk and 2 lb. bag of chocolate is the equivalent of approximately 75 milk and 50 individual chocolate capsules in other brewing systems. The end result is a great coffee experience while helping to protect the environment - one cup at a time.

New Features

• New Pump Design which reduces noise when the equipment is brewing and provides superior control over the brewing process.

• Improved software for rinsing the whipper bowl to eliminate dripping after dispense of Milk based drinks.

• Universal Brew Mechanism for Pods

• Increased Cup height: removable drip tray and adjustable legs provide the cup clearance for travel mugs.